Our Story


We understand what it takes to run a pest management company. We understand because we are just like our clients and come from the pest industry. In a previous life, we needed a software that would allow us to grow and run our business the way we wanted and there wasn’t one! So we decided to change that and in 2013, Key Seven Software was formed.  Based in Birmingham, AL, the company was created specifically to meet the growing technology needs of the pest industry.

Key Seven was established with a different approach to providing software, one that listens to the needs of its clients and offers creative solutions to managing the business operations of a pest company. We take the time to understand the clients’  processes, identify any inefficiencies and offer options that will allow more time for them to service their customers and to grow their business. We want to identify our clients’ goals and determine what it takes to get them there.

Key Seven is committed to three main areas of focus; technology, our clients and our team. We are committed to providing a quality product that is innovative; to our relationship with our customers who they can depend on for support, guidance and honesty; and to our employees by embracing a fun, family oriented work environment where passion for what we do is expressed in the work we produce and service we provide.

Simply speaking the way we do business can be summed up in our mantra….Be Fun. Have Heart & Do Right!