Slinky Story

What about the Slinky?

Some might wonder why there is a picture of a Slinky on our website.

One focus of Key Seven is to build a positive relationship with our customers so we provide them with the best solution possible for their business.  We work really hard to get to know our customers and thought you would be interested in some fun facts about our team as well, such as how the Slinky has become part of the Key Seven culture.

It all started when searching for a creative way to hold Key Seven business cards for PestWorld. After the show, the Slinkys were brought back to the office and inadvertently worked their way into Key Seven’s everyday culture.  The Slinky has become a tool the team uses when trying to solve a problem or develop a new idea for the 7 Software.  At any time in our office, you can hear the steady sound of someone whooshing it back and forth.

Over time, the Slinky has also become a symbol of how we want to do business.  We use the Slinky as a reminder to keep our software and our business simple and flexible just like the Slinky.  We know this will translate into great relationships with our customers and provide quality software that will help our clients grow their business.