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Actionable Accountability

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Whoever said promises are made to be broken wasn't running a business. When you invest your time and money into providing products and services for others, you are setting out to meet the expectations of clients and to meet your own goals as a provider. You may even think of your business plan as a promise to yourself, your investors, or your employees, to grow, innovate, create, and compete. So how do you run a business that keeps its promises? How do you build a work environment that encourages follow-through and recognizes accomplishment. Well, one big tool you can bring to your business is accountability.

Accountability is the discipline of transparency, and it is best used in an environment of trust and common goals. When a team is looking to achieve the same vision, then being honest about workloads, goals, and challenges can be a way to bring employees together and to motivate them individually. We can all get distracted, we can all get overwhelmed, and we can all use an encouraging word or a friendly reminder at times to help us meet our personal goals and push together to meet company goals. Accountability reminds us that we're not alone, and gives us an outlet and a source of help when we need it.

But what does accountability look like? It's really about checks and balances. One of the best ways to bring accountability into your workplace is to make it plain for all to see. Having employee tasks posted publicly, either daily or weekly, can help keep everyone motivated to meet their goals. Incorporating accountability into meetings can also foster a mindset of accountability. Group check-ins where accountability is a focus, and accomplishment and teamwork are applauded, will keep the idea of accountability a positive one. What you don't want accountability to end up as is looking over each others' shoulders to criticize or find fault. Having employees form partnerships, where you each help the other to succeed, builds individual relationships and keeps the teamwork element in the front of peoples' minds.

So how does Key-7 help with accountability? We know that the status quo really means falling behind, so we are always looking to help our clients have the tools they need to improve and adapt. Our ticketing system function is an easy and trackable way to communicate and create task lists within Key-7. You can also set the system up to send you end-of-day summary emails, which you can use to recognize great work that has been done or to check in with a team member if performance slips. This can be a vital tool for a manager to receive feedback on operations, which will increase your ability to plan ahead and find ways to succeed. Another accountability tool for employees is auto email notices, which can inform customers of when your staff plans to arrive, and when they have completed service. This information is also logged for quick reference on the customer's history email tab.

All these tools can really help employees connect and unite around problems or goals, and can help create a shared vision for how your company takes care of business. Consider how using Key-7 can help take your company to the next level, creating an open and honest work environment that celebrates achievement and values teamwork. Accountability is honesty, and honesty is always the best policy.