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Communication Tips To Help Your Pest Company Thrive During A Crisis

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The last few months have turned the business community upside down, but many pest control companies are thriving. What is the difference between pest companies that are thriving and companies that are struggling to make ends meet? Key 7 is uniquely positioned to identify messages that are working during the current crisis. Here are 4 tips to help your pest control thrive during a downturn. 


Tip #1: Safety First

According to a survey conducted by Phillip Stutts, marketing messages that worked prior to COVID-19 are no longer effective. Safety is one of the most important messages your company can convey right now. Can you prevent pests without entering a client’s home? What measures is your company taking to disinfect trucks and equipment? Do you use products that are environmentally friendly and safe for families? It is more important than ever to talk about these items in your advertising and marketing. 

It is also important to highlight the role that effective pest control plays in protecting a home from filth and disease. The last thing families want is roaches and rodents when they are spending more time at home than ever. 


Tip #2: Locally Owned And Operated

People want their neighbors to succeed. Whether you are talking about restaurants or locally owned pest control companies, “buying local” is playing a bigger role than ever. If your company is locally owned or very active in the community, make this a central piece of your message.


Tip #3: Educate Rather Than Promote

Nobody likes to feel like “just another sale”.  Your pest control company can thrive by using a more educational tone in all of your communications. An email with the subject “5 tips for Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Home” will perform much better than an email with the subject “20% Off Rodent Prevention Services”. 


Tip #4: Try A Little Empathy

The ultimate key to success right now is putting yourself in your client’s shoes. What are they concerned about? How might they benefit from your expertise? If you view all of your communications through your client’s eyes, your company will thrive during COVID-19. 

Do you have questions about these topics? Give us a call! We are happy to discuss strategies for success during the current crisis. 

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