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Creating Engaging Social Media Posts for Your Pest Control Company

Posting regularly on social media is a terrific means of communicating with your customers. Platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offer you not only a means to reach your current and potential customers, but a great way for them to interact with you.   


By consistently engaging with your customers you show that your business cares about them. Social media posts can be promotional or informational, but the most effective posts are often educational. Sharing your expertise can help you gain exposure, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase your website traffic, as well as boost sales. 


So, how do you create social media posts for your company that will engage customers, as well as potential customers?


Be Strategic With Social Platforms

Determine which platforms your customers use. Make sure your content is optimized for each platform.

  • Instagram: Relies heavily on visual engagement and hashtags to get organic traffic
  • Facebook: Hashtags are not as widely used, but sharable content is a great way to connect. Think photos and videos, which have much greater engagement on Facebook than posts with just text. 
  • LinkedIn: Largely for networking, users are more likely to read longer articles, as well as a link to those that apply to their business specialty. If you are pursuing commercial pest control opportunities, this is a great way to reach those clients. 
  • Twitter: With its character limit, content must engage within just a few sentences, hashtags are beneficial, but keep them on topic and to a minimum. 


One constant across all the social media platforms is to be true to your brand voice. Also, post regularly—you choose the cadence, but don’t be hit and miss, posting only sporadically.   


Be Strategic With Content Ideas

With each post think, too, about how you can continue to nurture additional engagement from each post. When planning content, learn what interests your customers. 


One of the best sources for content will be the questions your clients are asking. “How does ____ work? What should I do when _____ happens? How can _______ benefit me?” Your customers are dropping content ideas right at your doorstep. Use your expertise to give them the answer they have been looking for! 


Here are a few more strategic content ideas for posting on social media.  

Link to Blog Posts

  • Does your website have a blog? Blog content is a great way to attract customers and prospects to your website. What pests should they be looking out for this month? How can they identify signs of a bug infestation? Create content that is relevant to your business and promote on social media. 

For example, we wrote a blog post on the benefits of different service billing cycles. Read it here! 

Highlight Your Team

  • What makes your team so great? Showcasing your employees is a great way to put a face with your company, and call attention to their skills and expertise. 

Curated Content and Industry News

  • It doesn’t always have to be about you! Sharing external content relevant to your customers also makes for quick and easy posts. Such sharing also shows that as pest control experts, you are always staying up-to-date on industry information AND looking out for your customers. 

Product/Services Highlight

  • What is your unique value proposition? Let your customers know how your offerings can fill a need or provide a solution to their problem. Having pest trouble? Not for long! 

Tips and Advice 

  • You’re the pest control expert - don’t be shy about it. Find ways to reinforce sharing your expertise, like “5 things to ask when choosing a pest control service,” or “what NOT to do when you think you have a pest problem.” 

Other ideas can include posting a poll, sharing an infographic, showing holiday spirit, or highlighting positive customer reviews. If you use graphics, make sure they fit with the brand, style, and professionalism you want to see from your company. To see some of these examples in action, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn!


Communication Is Key

Remember, social media is a tool that can put your brand in front of current and potential customers, with advantages ranging from customer retention to business growth. Every post is a connection with your customer base, so make each one count! 


For other ways to support your pest control business growth, check out 7 Software! From customer management and service tracking to billing support, we can provide you with the tools you need to start growing your business today!