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Don’t Let Fleet Management Drive You Crazy!

Fleet management costs can be one of the biggest hits on your bottom line. Keeping up with your vehicle fleet may not be the first thing on your mind every day, but effective management of these assets could increase efficiency and lower costs for improved fleet operations. 


Fleet management software from providers like Fleetio provides cloud-based software to track and manage your fleet from anywhere. [7] Software and Fleetio don’t have a formal relationship, but we know some of our customers are using these tools side by side. We wanted to find out more, so we talked with Phil Thomason, Fleet Services Leader for Waynes, about how they use Fleetio and 7 Software to manage their operations!


Managing Hundreds of Vehicles For Waynes

Waynes currently has hundreds of vehicles, so Phil Thomason has his hands full. They use [7] Software and Fleetio to keep their operations humming at peak efficiency. 


“Fleetio tracks and monitors your vehicle assets to make sure they are ready to go and that your vehicle cost doesn’t get out of control,” said Thomason. “[7] Software tracks the work that you do in those vehicles.” 


Let’s take a look at how these tools keep your fleet on the road and coordinate the services that your team provides in that fleet. 


Fleetio keeps a record of each vehicle in a database. Each vehicle has an account page that contains all the vehicle’s information, including make, model, VIN, color, and photos. Fleetio knows when the last oil change occurred, when it’s time to rotate the tires, who the vehicle is assigned to, how many miles are on the vehicle, and the vehicle’s physical location. Waynes tracks this information and enters all vehicle maintenance invoices. In return, Fleetio provides a breakdown of monthly and annual expenses for services, fuel, and fleet management. 


While Fleetio keeps a record of each vehicle, [7] Software keeps a record of everything your team does while using the vehicle. By tracking the time and distance between each service location and the hours worked per service, Waynes gets a breakdown of the productivity per mile, per hour, and per service. 


Driving Down Costs

Effective fleet cost management starts by understanding how and where money is being spent. This helps you identify opportunities when spending a little now will save a lot in the future. In answering these commonly asked questions, this software can provide insights and solutions into increasing your fleet’s efficiency and reducing operational costs for fuel, insurance, and maintenance. 


Since Waynes has seen such positive results from these two software solutions, they created a Work Smart, Drive Smart initiative in the Fall of 2019. This program allows team members to take their Waynes vehicles home instead of dropping them back off at the office. In addition to giving the Waynes team more time with their families, productivity has increased throughout each workday. 


“Our employees love starting the day from home, and it has made us more efficient. This wouldn’t have been possible without [7] Software and Fleetio,” said Thomason. “I’m glad that we put this in place before 2020 because it has made it much easier to respond to everything that is going on this year.”


Get in the Driver’s Seat

With an organized fleet management software, you can provide access to relevant information to your entire organization. By analyzing comprehensive information about your fleet, this type of software can offer intuitive solutions to hidden inefficiencies, improved driver performance, and significant savings on fleet operations. Just ask Waynes! 


This is not a paid endorsement of Fleetio, but based on what we have heard from our customers, they do a great job. Congratulations to the Fleetio team on building a great product and a great company. You can find out more about these tools by visiting  7 Software or Fleetio to sign up for a software demo.