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How to Keep Customers Coming Back

With there being so much competition in every industry, customer retention can be one of the biggest challenges that many pest control companies face. But in our decades in the pest industry, we have identified a few simple steps your pest control company can take to delight your customers and build brand loyalty. 

Customers look for actions and attitudes that set your business apart from everyone else. Before we jump into our tips for customer retention, we want to call attention to a pitfall to avoid: STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR COMPETITION. Companies that compare themselves with other pest companies to measure their customer satisfaction and loyalty set a bar that is too low. Focus on providing incomparable service for your customers, and the competition will take care of itself.

We built 7 Software because we weren’t happy with the customer retention strategies available in pest company management options on the market, so this is something that we think about all the time.  Here is a list of our top strategies to earn customer loyalty. 

Solve the real problem.

Your customers need you, but remember that the bugs might not be the real problem that you are solving. For example, a recent pest control customer contacts your office frantic, “I just saw two roaches in my house and I have a party this weekend!” 

What is the problem here? Is it the roaches? They are certainly part of the problem, but the underlying issue is that this customer is afraid. They have invited guests into their home, and they are afraid that a roach will make their party the talk of the town...for all the wrong reasons. 

The bugs are rarely the problem. Customers want their homes to be healthy and clean. They want their children to be safe. They want to entertain friends and family without the embarrassment of a roach. Address the underlying problem by listening with empathy and implementing a plan to solve the problem. We all know that it is impossible to get rid of 100% of roaches, but if you show the client that you have:

  • Understood their problem
  • Developed a comprehensive approach to do all that can be done
  • Utilized the latest technology and resources

Your customers will be grateful.  And grateful customers are loyal. 

With an efficient route optimization software, your team can quickly identify a pest technician working closely in the area and add a stop to their route.  

Be quick.

The customer will be grateful that you solved their underlying problem but they will appreciate you even more if you do it promptly. The longer it takes to schedule and complete service, the more likely that the customer will assume you don’t know what you are doing.

Routing your technicians efficiently is crucial for servicing customers. Routing also helps you solve your client’s problems efficiently by making it easier to send a technician on an emergency visit to help that client get ready for their party this weekend! Give us a call if you have questions about how our routing software can streamline your business. 

Make things simple.

Customers crave simplicity. Hassle-free policies and procedures protect your customers from unnecessary stress. If your business’s procedures are easy and painless, your customers will be loyal. We recommend taking some time every week to look at every touchpoint and interaction that your company has with clients. How could it be simplified? Where are your policies asking your customers to do things that aren’t completely necessary?

Start with billing and communication. When billing is simple for the customer and easy on your office team, it is a win-win for all involved! 

Check on them.

Make sure that your customers are doing okay after you have completed your services. They will feel valued and are more likely to stay with your company. Keeping the customer is just as important as drawing them in. 

Pre and post-service communication is a great way to ensure you are always in the loop with your customer and their needs.

Get their feedback.

Getting customers’ feedback can be very beneficial to a business. You can make known to the customer that their opinions are valuable and that you want to make sure that you are doing everything that you possibly can for them. 

Remember that negative feedback is the most valuable feedback of all because it can form your roadmap for improving your company. Some customers can be a little aggressive with negative feedback, but you usually have to do a little coaxing to get the most useful feedback from the majority of your clients. Be sure to word your feedback request so that it is clear that you earnestly want to hear everything. Say something like, “We are striving to build the best pest control company in town, but we can’t do it without your help! Have you seen any areas where we could improve? We would be grateful if you could take a minute or two to tell us more.”

Give us a Call!

Our examples are drawn from the pest control industry, but these tips apply to any kind of business. Here at Key 7 Software, we strive to practice what we preach by providing the best experience and service to our clients. 7 Software is designed to help pest control businesses retain their customers by delivering a world-class experience. Give us a call if you would like to find out more.