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Navigating Commercial Pest Control and How to Conquer It Like a Pro

Commercial-only pest control companies face challenges unique to the industry. For instance, when providing services for commercial clients, such as for an office building or apartment complex, the size of the job often involves a significant investment in time and labor. As a result, such work requires exceptionally detailed job tracking, as well as reporting, especially if the customer works in a highly regulated industry such as food processing. 


Managing Multiple Locations

Many commercial customers have multiple facilities under the same account. Commercial pest control companies must be able to service each unit according to its specific needs, as well as understand and report on the facilities as a whole. 


One way to increase efficiency is to create location and area templates for these larger jobs. Detailing the needs of each facility, as well as reporting requirements, templates ensure faster and more complete pest management, exactly the way it needs to be. Learn more about commercial servicing features here


Quick Response 

While pests aren’t exactly welcome in homes or office spaces, the presence of bugs and other vermin can prove especially harmful to the reputation of certain businesses that directly serve the public. That said, when your pest control service gets a call from such a company, it’s most likely a request to arrive yesterday! 


Of course, you’re ready and willing to help, but who should you send? You have a service tech who’s only a few minutes away, but he has back to back jobs for the next few hours. You have a service tech available, yet is a bit farther away. 


So, who gets the job? Routing software can give you an answer immediately, as well as the solution that’s best for your business AND your customer’s. By tracking and reporting your services, you can see how long each job will take, what the travel time is in between each job, and how to optimize your route to save time and gas. 

Organized and Consistent Reporting 

As a commercial pest control company, your job goes beyond pest extermination and removal. Audits and other reports must be provided to clients at their request. It’s important that the information is clear and accessible, as well as demonstrates that you’re following all safety and sustainability regulations. For this, you need a software platform conducive to your needs. 


Detailed reporting can provide information on services due, accounts receivable, cancelled services, audit reports, business insights, and more. Not only does this help you better service your clients, but can present data that can help you make strategic business decisions for short-term goals and long-term growth. 

Communication With Hundreds of Customers 

It’s hard enough to remember the names of every customer, much less who they work for, what pest control services they require, and who serviced them last week. That’s a lot of information to keep up with, which is exactly why customer management software is key to creating and maintaining satisfied customers, as well as creating efficiencies in your own company. 


With 7 Software’s Customer Management platform, you can access account overview information quickly and easily, and automate customer communication. What’s more, you can set up multiple service addresses for residential or commercial customers, schedule recurring services configured to the flow of your business, record leads and notify your sales team about them, and so much more.


Squashing Commercial Service Challenges 

Commercial pest control services not only come with unique challenges, but also with exceptional opportunities for business growth. Navigating these obstacles and opportunities can be a lot to handle, but with the right pest control management software solutions are at your fingertips. 


To learn more about how 7 Software’s features can help you leverage commercial pest control opportunities, contact us today or schedule a live demo to see these benefits in action!