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Seasonal Shifts in Demand: How to Market to Your Pest Control Clients When Their Needs Change

As fall comes to a close and winter draws near, demand for your services is bound to shift. With many bugs disappearing into hibernation, there may be fewer visible reminders for your customers that they need pest control. So, how do you prepare to balance the business during this season? And looking ahead, how can you market to your customers to remind them that warmer weather – and the return of those stinging, biting, and annoying pests – is just around the corner?


This Season Is Still Pest Season

For starters, let’s just state what we as pest control professionals know – it’s a common misconception that pests disappear during the cold months. That said, let your client know what they should be looking out for as fall transitions to winter. Also, remind your customers that your company has the know-how to handle these colder-weather pests, too.   

For instance, wintry weather often increases rodent issues, which for many people, is a bigger concern than finding a spider or two. Be proactive in letting your customers know what areas of their home could be attracting mice and rats, and how they – and you – can ensure such pests aren’t sharing in the holiday festivities.


Seasonal Discounts

For many people, the holiday season comes with a few extra expenses. Holiday meals, traveling to visit family, vacations, gift-giving, and more, all add up fast. 

Demonstrate to your client that you understand the busyness -- and the expense! - of the season, by offering small discounts on the recurring services you offer. For example, consider a message like this: “Just because your family is coming for a visit, doesn’t mean it’s an open invite for bugs and critters, too! Get 10% off one month of services between now and the end of the year!” 


Proactive Pest Control Is the Best Pest Control!

Let your clients know that even if they take a break over the holidays, it doesn’t mean the creepy crawlies will. By maintaining their pest control services throughout these colder months, not only will they be keeping the winter pests at bay, they’ll also be getting a head start tackling the inevitable onslaught of spring’s bounty of bugs.


Evaluate Your Capacity

Even with your efforts to maintain customer activity, the services requested over the next couple of months may be lower than that of other seasons. The bottom line is be prepared by reviewing your business’s seasonal history and project what to expect. Ensure you have enough service technicians to handle the busier seasons, while allowing for a productive spread of jobs during the slower ones. 

Taking a look at your service reports and business insights is a great way to plan for the holiday season, both in finances and workforce. 7 Software has a variety of tools, including a reporting feature, which can help you strategically navigate the coming months (and the months after that!).


Keep in Touch

No matter the season or your business activity, keep those lines of communication open with your customers. For both current clients and those who haven’t requested services in a while, communication is a great way to tell them that, while pest services are important, so are they. 

Remind your customers of the expertise you have to offer, and how you can help them with the swarm of pests bound to show up in the coming months. Encourage them to reach out if they have any questions for restarting their services, or adding additional ones. (Check out this post about staying in touch and tips on how to boost customer retention!)


Stay Focused on Your Goals

For many businesses – pest control companies included – the end of the year is a terrific time to take a step back, and consider objectives and strategies. Are you looking to increase customer satisfaction, boost sales for certain services, or grow your business through new clients? Whatever the goal, evaluate your current operations and create a plan for the following month, quarter, or even year. Where do you want to be, and how can you get there? Also, make a commitment to measure and assess your progress towards those goals. 

With 7 Software, you can unlock opportunities to increase efficiency, streamline communication, increase your sales and retention, and develop effective service management. If you want to see for yourself, schedule a live demo of our software to experience how we can help you take the next step towards reaching your business goals. 

If you have any questions about our software, contact us, and a team member will be happy to reach out to you!