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The Benefits of Modern Technology

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The launch of the iPhone by Apple Inc was in 2007... and now in 2020…you can email, take photos, post on social media, track health, pay for purchases, play games, record video, and audio all literally from your fingertips.

Technology is ever-changing and evolving. The evolution of technology not only affects our everyday personal lives but also business operations. Many companies are already utilizing and experiencing the benefits of technology, but sometimes the process can be frustrating. Technological innovation usually involves “two steps forward, one step back,” and sometimes that step back can be painful. [7] Software strives to deliver the benefits of technology without the hassle and complications. Here are a few of our thoughts on how technology has benefited the pest control industry. 

Improves Communication

Communication has changed dramatically in recent years:

  • Face to face meetings replaced by online webinars and virtual meeting tools
  • Email replaced snail mail
  • Websites and search engines replaced phone books
  • Online ordering replaces driving to a store
  • Online bill pay replaces mailing checks
  • Online reviews have changed how customers evaluate companies 

In other words, the advancement of technology resulted in communication becoming easier and instantaneous and information flow to be abundant. We use our cell phones, computers, and other tools every day to communicate and each of these tools offers multiple methods to communicate text, voice call, video chat, images, voice messages, email, and many more! This plays out differently in each individual company. For example, some pest control companies have optimized routes around their technician’s homes, eliminating the need to come into the shop first thing. Technology has enhanced your ability to communicate with clients and co-workers, but no two companies look the same.

Allows Growth and Expansion

Just about everyone on the planet is connected by the world wide web! A large percentage of the world uses the internet daily. It allows you to quickly reach team members and customers anywhere in the world. Think about this. Without technology, you would only be able to reach people in a limited mile radius. With technology, there are no limits. 

Fast communication with customers allows the opportunity of existing customer relationships to grow with opportunities for cross-selling and customized marketing communication. Team members can better track sales, leads and streamline the sales process with:

  • Report incoming leads
  • Track pipeline for sales reps
  • Send electronic agreements for quicker onboarding


Many company reports generate so much data that it can be hard to get a clear picture of how your company is performing. Technology generated most of that data, but it can also deliver results simply with business insights.  

A Digital Dashboard allows for better business insights

  • At a glance, you can see how business performance and forecast for the future
  • Track sales activity
  • View quickly remaining and completed production

Optimize Daily Activities for Office Staff and Service Techs

Having everything organized on one screen is much easier to follow than flipping through papers or having to make frequent phone calls to get answers. Not to mention, a shift to becoming a paperless environment. Technology makes a team member’s job substantially easier. [7] Software has everything a team member could need on one tool and technicians can provide service using the [7] mobile phone app

Having customer information in one area allows for team members to be on the same page with customer history and previous communication. Route Optimization, another feature on [7] Software, helps create tighter routes for shorter drive times. Because of geographical mapping technology, office staff and service technicians can focus more on what matters, providing top quality service for the customer. 

The proper use of technology can make your business run significantly better. Companies can provide a better overall customer experience through the benefits mentioned. 

Two Steps Forward...And Then Forward Again!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your pest control business using technology, then you are in the right place. We would love to talk with you to analyze your unique situation and see how your company can take two steps forward without that pesky step back. 

To schedule a demo visit or call (205) 582-5397 for expedited service.


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