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Tips for Going Above and Beyond Your Customers’ “Pest” Expectations

New customers aren’t the only -- or even the best -- way to grow your business and increase your income. Customer retention is actually proven to be a much more viable and cost-effective way to do so. 

Consider that acquiring a new customer can be as much as seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one. According to the Marketing Insider Group, a 5% increase in customer retention could lead to a profit increase between 25% and 95%! 

Sure, gaining new customers is an essential part of business growth, but it’s critical that you maintain a long list of happy customers along the way. To that end, here are a few of our recommendations for going above and beyond your customers’ pest control expectations to earn a loyal and lifelong customer. 


Set the Right Expectations

Have you ever lost a client because they “found a bug in the house” after your first visit? While it may not always be that extreme, customers can quickly change their minds if they feel like their needs aren’t being met. 

Let your customers know what to expect from your services, how those services will benefit them, and why reservicing is important. Setting the right expectations, as well as following up after an initial service, can go a long way in demonstrating to your customers that their satisfaction is at the top of your list. 

Pay Attention to Customer Questions and Requests

Everything you need to know, your customers have probably already told you. If they have questions or concerns, chances are those same thoughts are going through another customer’s head as well. Use this information to be proactive in reaching out to your customers. If you hear a recurring comment or question, consider addressing it as part of your standard operating procedure each time you visit a customer. They’ll feel like you’ve read their mind, and in doing so, you’ll have successfully increased their confidence in the service. 

Still, always – we repeat, always – listen to what each customer tells or asks you. Follow up on concerns or complaints. If your customer appears confused or dissatisfied after a visit, don’t wait until the next time you see them to assess if something is wrong. See if there is anything you can clarify on the spot, and if not, follow up with a call within one business day. 


Have the Answers at Your Fingertips

In addition to being a pest control expert, it pays to be a client and service expert, too. What if your customer asks about a service they tried a few months back or when their next service is? Be sure you and your technicians have that information readily available. 

By keeping a record of client billing and service history, you can have all these answers on hand. Good ol’ pen and paper will work, but a mobile communication software feature can give you access to real-time information right from your phone! 

And don’t just rely on your customers to pose all the questions. Ask them about previous service satisfaction and record their answers, Also, let them know what to expect in the next couple of months. 


Continuous Training 

Excellent customer service is timeless, but customer needs and expectations are not – they’re constantly in flux. Your pest control technicians are the experts, and they need to demonstrate that to the customer in any and every situation. 

Ongoing training is a great way to meet -- and go beyond -- customer expectations for your services. Create informative and engaging ways to help your team continue to improve your company’s client services. 

Quality People, Quality Service

Your customers probably can’t tell one chemical from the next, but they will notice if their pest problem never seems to get any better. They’ll also note if your company’s techs are courteous and informative. Higher quality materials and equipment are an essential investment, as are exceptional employees who represent your company. Since customer service is foundational in customer retention, hire and develop employees that are focused on providing the best possible service, every single time. 

Internal efficiency is another significant factor in providing exceptional service. Streamlining billing processes, detailed reporting, and on-demand business insights can help you strategically improve your overall operational efficiency. These benefits create a ripple effect for transcending customer expectations! 

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