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When Customers Put A Hold On Pest Control Services

What does a pest control company do when they are too good at their job? The bugs are gone, and some clients start thinking, “What do I need these guys for?” When customers skip a service, it makes protecting their home from pests even harder. As a professional pest expert, you have a responsibility to protect your customers and give good advice. Here are some tips on answering customer questions when they want to put their pest services on hold.


“I’m not having any bug problems.”

When customer’s ask to discontinue pest control services because they aren’t experiencing bug problems, start by explaining how pest control works. Past treatments are currently preventing bug problems and once service stops, the products that protect their home from pests start to break down. Let your client know that it takes time to build the protective barrier back up, so keeping pest control services active is the only way to keep the bugs at bay. 


“Can we skip a pest control treatment?”

Consistency is key with pest control. Regular treatments provide a protective shield against pests. Let your customers know that if they skip a treatment, it will take some time to get the bugs back under control when they reappear.  


“I’m not home. Can you just come next month?”

Most customers think that you have to enter their homes to be effective, but with modern products that isn’t the case. Once the pest situation is under control, inside treatments may not be necessary. Reinforce the importance of following a schedule, and let your customer know that an exterior treatment may be sufficient. 


“I’ve got family in town.”

No one wants to ever have bugs in their home, especially when guests are expected. That’s why it’s even more important to maintain routine pest management. Moving a treatment up prior to hosting guests or a party is better than delaying a month. Be proactive when you talk with customers about scheduling service appointments around the holidays. 


Schedule and Serve

No matter what you do, having services canceled and delayed will always be a part of the pest control industry. This can be a hassle, but efficiently routing your technicians doesn’t have to be. [7] software has the tools and features to eliminate the hassle of rescheduling and rerouting. Give us a call today! 

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