7 Software pricing is made to fit any size business. Unlike other software companies, our goal is to partner with you and to support your growing business. So, our software licenses are not based on the number of users but are based on your annual revenue. What does that mean? That means that you can add users to meet the growing needs of your business without adding additional software costs. 

And, that's just one of the benefits of choosing to partner with Key 7 Software. Check out some of the other perks that are included with your software license!


7 Software License

Includes 7's core software, customer portal, and commercial logbook 

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Onsite Support for the Go Live

Included in most conversion packages and the travel costs are on us 

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Software Training

Includes live web training as well as access to our training library 

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Sentricon Web Services Integration

Includes full integration with Sentricon Web Services

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Unlimited Support for your Support Team 

Phone, email and online help for your support team

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7 Sales License

Includes sales portal

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7 Mobile License

Includes iPhone and Android App 

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Email Messaging

Send email messages directly with Key 7 Software

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Google Maps Integration

Make routing easy with Google Maps integration

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