Understanding how your business is performing is essential in making both long and short-term business decisions. 7 Software helps you better understand and analyze your business with a full suite of reporting tools.


Detailed Reporting

  • Utilize built-in standard reports or build reports using 7's report writing tool
  • Production reports track outstanding production and services due
  • Accounts receivable help manage past due accounts
  • Sales and lead reports track sales performance and sales lead results
  • Cancellation reports help monitor cancellation trends and loss of business
  • Active Agreement reports aid in planning by showing active services and annual value
  • Audit reports to help your team check their work
a screenshot showing different reporting features

Business Insights

  • Gain insight into your company's performance with the Microsoft Power BI integration
  • Analyze company performance with trend reports and graphs
  • Configure your Business Insights reports to fit your business
  • View your Business Insights on the web or on your phone

State and Service Reporting

  • Complete state WDO forms electronically
  • Digitally create graphs from the field using 7 Mobile
  • Utilize Dow AgroSciences Web Services integration to communicate installs and renewals