Route Management

Routing your technicians' daily work in the way that best fits the flow of your business is crucial for servicing customers. 7 Software offers a variety of tools that help you route and schedule your customers in the most efficient way possible.


Visual Routing

  • Automatically assign geolocation to properties using Google's map integration

  • Increase productivity by grouping upcoming services based on their geographical location

  • View your tech's daily route and optimize to decrease drive time

an image of key 7's scheduling calendar

Scheduling Tools

  • Schedule upcoming services individually or drag and drop in bulk
  • Monitor the number of days since the last appointment for consistent service
  • Quickly find available service times using quick scheduling features
  • Reduce drive time by viewing the proximity of service stops
  • Prevent over scheduling by adding time blocks for vacations, meetings or personal time
  • Easily reassign routes using the Route Editor tool

Daily Service Tracking

  • Track the progress of your technician's daily route in real time
  • Locate your technician's current location with visual mapping
  • Utilize scheduling tools to ensure all stops are being scheduled and worked
  • Automatically select future services to be scheduled on the same day, week and time
  • Enhance your customer's service experience by designating services as a 'call first' service
  • Lock upcoming services to alert users that a service cannot be moved
  • Quickly review and post daily service work with the Daily Posting feature